My Tapas Gals

  • WHERE ARE YOU FROM? - Spartenburg, SC / Charleston, SC now! 

  • FAVORITE YOGA POSE....WHY? - Half Moon because it makes me feel so open and free! 

  • GUILTY PLEASURE - Guilty Pleasure ;) 

  • FAVORITE CANDY - Skittles (Purple Bag), Just like Alex! 

  • FAVORITE HOLIDAY - Christmas

  • BEST CHILDHOOD MEMORY - Touching Michael Phelps butt! ha


  • WHAT DOES TAPAS/INNER FIRE MEAN TO YOU? - Confidence; bringing out that unique light of yours and owning it! 

  • WHERE ARE YOU FROM? - Charleston, SC

  • FAVORITE YOGA POSE....WHY? - Camel (Ustrasana) for the sheer fact that it opened my eyes to the benefits and possibilities of the practice. 

  • GUILTY PLEASURE - Getting in my sweatpants and binge watching Seinfeld. Historically, it is 90's Hip Hop

  • FAVORITE CANDY - Dark Chocolate

  • FAVORITE HOLIDAY - Thanksgiving. It is a day of food, friends, family and it's full of gratitude, what's not to love?

  • BEST CHILDHOOD MEMORY - Hanging upside down in trees in my backyard with my mom yelling at me to "get down from there!"

  • BIGGEST INSPIRATIONS - Guatama Buddha - Tina Fey - and my Niece.

  • WHAT DOES TAPAS/INNER FIRE MEAN TO YOU? - Having the patience and persistence to continue following my intention of serving others through an expression of my own unique talents. This often looks like shedding fear, self-defeating thoughts, and complacency in my daily life. Many days this looks like dropping my ego's demands and stopping to meditate or be still to re-channel my energy into a more calm and focused state. 

  • WHERE ARE YOU FROM? - Roanoke, VA

  • FAVORITE YOGA POSE....WHY? - Handstand! Instantly makes me feel strong and automatic perspective shift

  • GUILTY PLEASURE - Sun + salt water

  • FAVORITE CANDY - Skittles (purple bag)

  • FAVORITE HOLIDAY - I like them all, any excuse to celebrate.

  • BEST CHILDHOOD MEMORY - I have the worst memory, but I think I had a great childhood!


  • WHAT DOES TAPAS/INNER FIRE MEAN TO YOU? - Your Inner fire is what gets you through the toughest times, when you think you have nothing left, in comes the strongest version of you


  • WHERE ARE YOU FROM? - Saluda, VA

  • FAVORITE YOGA POSE....WHY? - Half Moon! Because of how far I’ve come with it in my practice. I remember struggling and getting so frustrated, now I love it!

  • GUILTY PLEASURE - Reading Science-Fiction. Especially futuristic, dystopian ones

  • FAVORITE CANDY - Swedish Fish and Twizzlers! I'll take chewy over chocolate anyway!

  • FAVORITE HOLIDAY - Thanksgiving, it’s like Christmas without as much stress — and way more food. 

  • BEST CHILDHOOD MEMORY - My Dad reading to me at night before bed. 


  • WHAT DOES TAPAS/INNER FIRE MEAN TO YOU? - “Inner fire” is what is left when everything else is stripped away, it’s your personal principles and goals regardless of anyone else

  • WHERE ARE YOU FROM? - Gastonia, NC

  • FAVORITE YOGA POSE....WHY? - Ardha uttanasana   (Weird one I know) 

  • Something about coming out of a fold and creating that length that feels so hopeful to me.  Like looking over the edge of possibility. 

  • GUILTY PLEASURE - Gin and French Fries 

  • FAVORITE CANDY - Dark Chocolate with Peanut Butter, Sea Salt, or Chilies 

  • FAVORITE HOLIDAY - Halloween

  • BEST CHILDHOOD MEMORY - Dance Classes 


  • WHAT DOES TAPAS/INNER FIRE MEAN TO YOU? - Finding balance from within. Like pushing for more and being happy with what is.

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