Thoughts on Minimalism - Living Free and Simple

Posted on 07 December 2016

Curious about what 'Minimalism' is all about?

It has taken me many years to come to this point in my life where I am able to let go of sentimental value on certain objects in my life....and I have never felt so free. Living a more minimalist way of life has allowed me more time to spend with friends/family, more time for my business, and an overall sense of lightness.  

After my father and grandmother suddenly passed away while I was a senior in High School, I found myself suddenly owning lots of 'stuff'.  From furniture, to china, to knick knacks, and beyond.  I was overwhelmed.  After graduating from college and moving to NYC, I took most of these things with me.  Even though I did not particularly care for many of the pieces.  There was a guilt factor holding me back from letting go.  

It has taken me moving back to South Carolina and contemplating my next steps to really examine the 'things' in my life.  Because my husband and I tend to move a lot (we are nomads by choice), we have slowly been easing up on our personal objects, but it hasn't been enough.  Over the last few weeks, we have gotten more strict in examining what we hold onto.  

I realized that I put so much energy into holding onto objects that I did not care for because of the memories I felt were associated with them.  After reading The Life-Chaning Magic of Tidying Up, I've been able to see that I can still have memories of my father and grandmother without their 'stuff'.  

It is my goal to live my life in a more simple and minimalist manner.  By pairing down to the basics in what I need day to day, I wake up refreshed, save money, and have more time for what matters most to me.  


Here are a few ways you can live more simple and free:

1. Find the Why!

In a journal, write down why you are thinking of living more simple. Are you overwhelmed, anxious, or over-committed? Do you want to travel more, spend less time putting things away, be with friends and family more? Be honest with yourself! 

2. What matters most to you in your life?

What people, activities, or things matter most to you in life? What brings you the most bliss, joy, and love?  Will living more simple allow you to spend time with and on what matters most?

3. What items are ready for a transition?

What items/things in your home are you sick of looking at?  Maybe a piece of art a relative gave you or a sweater from Grandma...I highly recommend reading The Life-Chaning Magic of Tidying Up.  It surprising what we hold onto for years even if we don't use it, don't wear it, and don't even like it! 

4. Time for action!

Ok figure out a plan and get to it!  I love the method of starting with clothes, moving onto accessories (jewelry, hats, scarfs, shoes), then furniture and so on.  Go through all your 'stuff' and figure out what can go. See below for a good rule of thumb!

Remember to have fun and keep the WHY in mind! 

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