How Katy Discovered Yoga

Posted on 18 August 2016

For the next several weeks, we will be featuring Yogis from around the world so that they can share their individual journey to finding yoga. 
Here is our first story......

Katy Brockmann - 6th Grade Science Teacher, Charleston, SC

Life happens.
Unfortunately, sometimes life takes a turn for the worse. In 2009 on my first day of college, I got a phone call that my mother had died. We were all caught completely off guard. I wanted to give up. I hated faking a smile every day, telling everyone "I'm fine." I was not fine. I could not get my feet back on the ground. Through therapy sessions and still feeling lost in my mind, I turned to a community yoga class.
I could barely touch my toes the first day. Through the practice and knowing shavasana was always at the end, I kept going back. For years, I kept going back. I could breathe again. Just when I thought I had mastered "the yoga", my younger brother died in 2015. This time I knew, life will try to knock us down. I felt both my mother and my brother were looking at me saying, "Keep going. Keep moving forward every single day." To this day I vow to practice at least once every week. Through this ritual, I've gained my life back.
I've gained my breathe back.
And I feel their presence through every shavasana.

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