YOGA is.....

Posted on 04 August 2016

We asked yogis from all walks of life how they define the word YOGA.....

  • Stephanie Rose, Charleston, SC - “For me, yoga is a way to connect every breath with every ounce of my being. A way of connecting my mind, body, and soul”
  • Aimee Orban Elsner, Stamford, CT - “My way of being”
  • Mandy Baughman, Charleston, SC - “More than a physical practice, it is a way of life”
  • Cheryl Mcgoldrick, Norwalk, CT - “A way to connect with my inner self and being”
  • Audra Blaine Walters, Charleston, SC - “My sanctuary”
  • Jennifer Casselli, Charleston, SC - “Line connecting my crazy brain and my heart”
  • Angela Spear, Ashton, South Dakota  - “My key to being pain free”
  • Katie Ashley, Charleston, SC - “My refuge. The practice pushes me and supports me daily in becoming more of who I truly am”
  • Jackie Coutu, Stamford, CT - “My stress reliever and how I keep myself sane”
  • Beth Thomas Plante, Charleston, SC - “Home”
  • Heather Thorne, Yorba Linda, CA - “Truth”
  • Madison Blake Wilder, Charleston SC - “Freedom”
  • Molly Pulsifer Casto, Charleston, SC - “Anchor”
  • Judit Gatto Greenfarb, Charleston, SC - “My door in the floor”
  • Katie Daehler, Charleston, SC - “My saving grace”
  • Heather Alyssa Viniar, West Palm Beach, FL  - “Life”
  • Hannah Bise, Charleston, SC - “My teacher”
  • Amber Allen, Charleston, SC - “My life line”
  • Crystal Wellman, Charleston, SC - “My sense of humor”
  • Susan Lake, Charleston, SC - “BAE” (Before Anyone Else)
  • Tara Layfield, Charleston, SC - “Peace from the inside out”
  • Drew Marrs, Charleston, SC - “Connecting form and being”
  • Jacob Narayan, Kiawah Island, SC - “Physical practice of quieting the mind to grow closer to God (however you understand that beautiful concept).  We go often to yoga, but how often do we go to the quiet mind? Don’t mistake the technique for the aim.  Perhaps we go often to the quiet mind, but how often do we realize the Divine?  Don’t mistake the aim for the goal”
  • Emily Hager, Cincinnati, OH - “Love, just love”
  • Lissa Hern Farkas, Cleveland, OH - “Personal Power”
  • Shelby Ring, Galveston, TX - “The practice of not being a jerk”
  • Carrie Johnson, Burien, Washington - “Connection”
  • Caroline McGarity Nash, Charleston, SC - “LIFE = Love, Insecurities, Fears, Evolution”
  • Angie Sowers Pagnato, Vienna, Virginia - “Addicting”
  • Bo Billi, San Franciso, CA - “Art”
  • Dani Goldman, Bellingham, Washington - “Freedom”
  • Misty Lister, Charleston, SC - “Sweating out the bad shit and bringing in the good”
  • Amy Carver, Darien, CT - “Your own generated ascension”
  • Hope Lucktenberg, Darien, CT - “The practice of becoming your truest Self rather than yourself (ego)”
  • Lisbeth Hinkel, Dubai, UAE - “Believing in my body again”
  • Genna Umhauer, Buffalo, NY - “Yoga takes you to an inner happy place you never thought you had”
  • Katherine Lasky, Charleston, SC - “The key to letting who you want to be and who you actually are live harmoniously together in your body, mind, and spirit”
  • Erin Francis Newhouse Peterson, White Bear Lake, Minnesota  - “Possibility"

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