Buddhism/Reincarnation/Practice of Yoga

Posted on 07 July 2016

While teaching a yoga class last week, I had the realization that our practice of yoga in many ways reflects the Buddhism belief of Reincarnation.  Reincarnation is the thought that life does not end, it simply continues on in other forms that are the result of accumulated karma.

If you think about it, our time spent on our mats is like a lifetime.....we learn things about ourselves and the world via asana, we take corpse pose (savasana - ahhhhh), we roll to our right side (fetal position), and we are merely reborn again. Hopefully with new knowledge about ourselves and our life - with the idea that we take this knowledge off our mats and into the world. 

After having this thought, I picked up Thich Nhat Hanh's book Peace is Every Step, which has been on my list for quite some time. My favorite passage thus far has spoken about the concept of THINKING LESS.  Easier said than done I know, especially in our fast paced world.  During my (almost) daily mediation practice, I have tried his practice of thinking the word IN as I inhale and OUT as I exhale.  Even for 5 minutes I feel more at peace with myself.

I'll leave you with this from Peace is Every Step:

"When we are in touch with the refreshing, peaceful, and healing elements within ourselves and around us, we learn how to cherish and protect these things and make them grow.  These elements of peace are available to us anytime."

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