6 Nightly Rituals to Find Grounding

Posted on 29 November 2016

1. Tidy Up

I'm one of those people who cannot get into bed before my dishes are clean, laundry is put away, and living room is straightened up.  My husband sometimes thinks I'm crazy, but I sleep so much better knowing that I'm going to wake up to a fresh and clean home.  Smudging with sage after also cleans the air for up to 24 hours.  READ HERE.

2. Candles/Incense 

Lighting a candle or burning incense creates a lovely ambiance in my space and sets me up for a luscious sleep. REWINED CANDLES are my favorite!

3. Beauty Routine

Self care is so important to me and my nightly beauty routine is part of that care.  This involves taking out my contacts, double cleansing my face (cleansing oil and a cream cleanser), using toner, serum, and a super hydrating moisturizer/eye cream.  Hopefully when I'm older I won't need so much botox! ha.  Some nights I throw a face mask in the mix for an added bonus. 

4. Turn off Phone

Again, it's hard to do this in the morning and hard to do at night!  I try and stay away from technology at least an hour before I want to go to bed.  This includes TV, Phone, Computer, etc.  The glare from screens has been proven to affect sleep patterns.  READ HERE. 

5. Soft Music

This is something I just started and it has been so relaxing. While I'm tidying up and handling my beauty routine, I have soft music in the background.  It is calming and puts me in a dreamy state ready for bed. Spotify's EVENING CHILL Playlist is my favorite. 

6. Read

I've been a reader my whole life and it is very important for me to spend around 30-45 minutes per night reading from an actual book.  I have times where I'm in the book for a self-growth book and times where I want to dive into a scary non-fiction novel. This time is bed is also spent cuddling my husband and my two fat cats. 

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